Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Gotta Feeling

Dearest Fergie,

No matter how hot your body is, how perfect your hair is, how lovely your bag is, it doesn't make it right to be walking with those clinging on to your lower body. The pants (shudder). The belt (mini vomit). What were you thinking???

Acid washed jeans can be cool, but there are certain boundaries that you can't push. One of them is this. And the belt..Oh the belt! The color! The material! Were you channeling your inner 1960's fashionista? I gotta feeling (pun intended), that one day you're gonna look back at the picture and share my 2 cents. Till that day, enjoy those, Chica!

I just had to flash this one more time. Ugh

Nothing to Do With Fashion at All

I had fun with my new camera!

PS excuse me for wearing my PJ/home wears in most of the pics. nothing to do with fashion at all :P

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogger's Block

Hey girls! (and boys? Doubt it), sorry for disappearing without a trace. Hehee. I'm still here!

I think I'm experiencing what writers call a "writer's block". So a blogger's block. Which is weird cos I don't see myself as a blogger. And my camera is broken. (yea yea always the same old excuse, but it really is.) Hope to get a new one! It sucks not to be able to post cos I've got an idea to make a post dedicated to my shawls which I recently bought.
Hopefully soon. As soon as my camera is working aight!

Anyway just for the sake of not leaving my blog away too long, it's grown mould I'm sure, here I am! I've got a picture of me and Raditya Dika (an Indonesian comedy writer) when he was over at Sydney with his girlfriend, Sherina Munaf + her family a while back. Him and his sister, Yudita were so nice and friendly. Had a great time and made new friends along the way. Awesome!

SPOT ME! (Hint: pink headband)
Raditya is the one in the far right
Yudit took the pic. Too bad she wasn't in it, she was lovely!

Promise I'll be back

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wanted: This Stylish Girl's Blog Address

OK so recently I was browsing through a folder in My Pictures that I lovingly call "Fashion Inspirations". These are just a bunch of outfit pictures that I got off the Web that I love.

When I saw these 2 pictures, I was trying to remember where I got them from, and I couldn't find a clue. I simply love this chick's style and wonder if any of you possibly know her blog URL, cos that's where I got the pictures from (stoopid me for not saving her blog address).

Umm..Looks familiar to you? Saw the pictures somewhere? Do tell me! Thanks lots guys : )

PS: to the girl whose images are posted here, hope you don't mind. If you do, I'll remove them rite away.

LATEST UPDATE: Yayyy all thanks to the awesomest Diana, I found the girl's URL! Her name is Terry *Hiii* You both are my inspirations : )

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jump pt. 2!

As previously posted, I had really wanted to do jump poses in my photos. But never could.

Well thanks to your helpful comments, I've found the solution to this!

2 words: MULTI SHOTS.

The downside is that I was using my lousy phone camera, so the pix aren't of good quality. I really miss using my real camera : (

Here I jumppppp!

I have zero photo editing skill hehehe : )

Thanks a bunch, sweets, I feel like a bird now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happiness is

Got tagged by sweet Fika..Here goes!

the 6 Things that make me happy: (with family being the most important)

Loving and being loved in return


Please, feel free to tag yourself and tell me your 6!
And if u do, be sure to let me know so i can check it out : )

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why you should never let your friend touch your phone

LOL..My friend changed his name AND came outta the closet simultaneously.

Big congrats! His Facebook-hacking friend had certainly outdone himself : )

Kodok = frog in Indonesian