Saturday, October 25, 2008

Itching to Update

NO! Wina! You gotta s-t-u-d-y!

Monday, October 20, 2008


That's a boho skirt I bought ages ago in Surabaya. I just came up with the idea of wearing it as a top and it turned out not too bad.

It was about Rp 75000 (less than US$10). Great for summer and no worries about wind blowing your skirt off cos it comes with a safety layer inside! Heehee!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Attempt

T-Shirt was bought agesssss ago. 2003, I think.

Never been worn till now cos I thought it looked too attention-grabbing
(the big doll head, like hello!?!)

However, since I started learning about fashion, I love it now!

My CC picked it out for me : ) Thanks CC! Good taste since 2003 huehuehuheeu..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eye Candy

So we pop these little candies and when we finish, wear the shoes and we're good to go! Brilliant idea! HEEHEE.

ps: not wearing it as a necklace. My neck will be the hot spot for ANTS~! NAY!!

Just My 2 Cents

The only people who can be mean and get away with it are those with talents.


First Post Ever

Hey hey, I have realised that I have such a passion for FASHION. So here goes the blog.

I won't post stuff that's hip and happening. I will post stuff that I LIKE. Most of them will, of course, be hip and also happening. HAHAH I'm not funny.

How rude not to introduce! My name is Wina. And I'm a really really normal girl who just realised that I'm a fashion enthusiast!

In my opinion, fashion is the coolest form of art, cos your body is your canvas, and when you go around "parading" your art for the world to see, people turn in awe, unlike when you prance around carrying a large canvas board with your painting!! (that's when people turn, puzzled)

Fashion. It's universal.

Oh, and what inspired me to create this very blog? 2 words: Diana Rikasari. She is the coolest thing in fashion. She is a wonderful artist. I would be happy to even have half her brain. You may check her out, but don't forget about her Protégé here! Heck, it's not the right word to describe me, but it sounds posh, I like. : )

Well let the fashion do the talking now!

PRESENTING...For The Love of Fashion!!!