Friday, February 6, 2009

PJ Twist

Inspired by DR's PJ post, I decided to create one on my own! HEEHEEHEE..

Checked PJ with no twist.

Add a skirt, ditch the pants.

& a belt?

PJ Twist Pt.2

Thats another PJ. It's a different night alright : )

Add denim shorts


Cutesy Bitsy Spiders

Hey! it's been sooooo long and I'm gonna have a total blogging fix! Here's a list of random pictures which I think are pretty cute..I took em from my cell phone so the quality isn't good at all & the pictures are mostly aligned to 90 degrees angle.

Oh but what can I do, my camera is just hopeless, deal with it!!! :D

An Elephant Necklace (Alexa Chung in the background)

Pixie Geldof. Waaaaaaaay better than her drunken & rather ugly sister Peaches
Fashion sense= Al Dente. Meaning just right!

A LOVE Tee. Super cute.

Hello Kitty Cell Charm. From my lovely friend Celia!

Another one. Look at the veil and stuff. I <333333333 Helloooooo Kittyyyy!!