Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Gotta Feeling

Dearest Fergie,

No matter how hot your body is, how perfect your hair is, how lovely your bag is, it doesn't make it right to be walking with those clinging on to your lower body. The pants (shudder). The belt (mini vomit). What were you thinking???

Acid washed jeans can be cool, but there are certain boundaries that you can't push. One of them is this. And the belt..Oh the belt! The color! The material! Were you channeling your inner 1960's fashionista? I gotta feeling (pun intended), that one day you're gonna look back at the picture and share my 2 cents. Till that day, enjoy those, Chica!

I just had to flash this one more time. Ugh


Polished Sense said...

I'm loving how she paired that color belt with those jeans. It just pops!


Alita Claudia Raisa said...

oh itu pake efek 'agfa high' dari photoscape :)) thanks for your comment on my blog !

Risyaa♥ said...

errhh I definitely do not like the acid wash jeans!
it looks 'too much' *:(

missWong said...

I like acid jeans if it's light blue or gray color... if the blue is dark, it's a no-no to me. ahahaha

F i K a said...

hahaha..kamu lucu skali siih agak aneh sih memang gayanya fergie di foto itu..haha

ayoo donk win, update your blog again..don't forget to check on my blog,you'll see something different there ;)..hahaha

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Nasan Faris Naufal said...

loves the acid wash jeans!

Ladyulia said...

I think this my first time visiting ur blog
nice to find it :D

minnja said...

oh this is a fabulous look.


joninel said...

really love her washed jeans :) too stunning!!

really nice blog here

Fitri said...

ayo dong update blog lagi :)

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Jimmy said...

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Ladyulia said...

I'm not really like acid
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udah lama banget tidak maen ke mari
nice to find ur blog lagi,,,,