Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogger's Block

Hey girls! (and boys? Doubt it), sorry for disappearing without a trace. Hehee. I'm still here!

I think I'm experiencing what writers call a "writer's block". So a blogger's block. Which is weird cos I don't see myself as a blogger. And my camera is broken. (yea yea always the same old excuse, but it really is.) Hope to get a new one! It sucks not to be able to post cos I've got an idea to make a post dedicated to my shawls which I recently bought.
Hopefully soon. As soon as my camera is working aight!

Anyway just for the sake of not leaving my blog away too long, it's grown mould I'm sure, here I am! I've got a picture of me and Raditya Dika (an Indonesian comedy writer) when he was over at Sydney with his girlfriend, Sherina Munaf + her family a while back. Him and his sister, Yudita were so nice and friendly. Had a great time and made new friends along the way. Awesome!

SPOT ME! (Hint: pink headband)
Raditya is the one in the far right
Yudit took the pic. Too bad she wasn't in it, she was lovely!

Promise I'll be back