Sunday, June 21, 2009


I just saw the latest post on Diana's blog and started wondering how to do a jump photo!

I can never do it right, is there like a special trick to make sure the jump timing is perfect?

Or will you just need to jump billions times to get one right? Hmmm..

Image from here


Sabila Anata said...

hey ! Your blog is cute :)
Would u like to exchange link with me?

echi said...

biasanya pake slr din, jadi diatur speednya, jadi pas kamu oncat bisa pas :)
iya dina, gue kena tumor hehe, mesti di operasi kata dokternya, haha

vorega badalamenti said...

hai winaa

iya, waktu itu ntn ga Jamilah dan dang Presiden

kalo ,au foto loncat bener kata echi atur speednya.. tp kalo pake feeling jg bisa lah..


Carla Novia said...

pake camera SLR biasanya, jadi sekali jepret langsung berkali2 gitu win..

Velo said...

pake kamera anti blur aza and sekali jepret lgsg 3 or lebih... =D
pasti bisa.

Velo said...

"watch out DR!" itu apa ya? hehe... maklum rada lemot. =D

Velo said...

haha... iya tadi na gue jg mikir na DR itu diana rikasari, tp takut salah. =D
thanks, gurl. XD

Beki said...

I've wondered that myself! Cool blog!!!

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

Did you ask for tips how to jump right so it can be captured by the camera or how to take picture of a person jumping?
For the first one, you should hear when the photographer count 1-2-3, right after the third count, photographer usually push the button, so you should jump right after the third count. Bend your knees to the back or outside to make it look higher. For the second, you set the camera to the fastest speed, put your position lower than the person and you push the button on the third count! Happy trying!!

ChikitaRosemarie said...

well, i agree with some of the comments above about measuring the speed. but it's with the slr camera.

but when you're using a digicam, or cellphone cam. you can still do it by colaborating with the one taking the pic.

you should jump before the photographer push the camera button. a very well-coordinate counting should be involved here :)


Wina said...

Thanks everyone!
Carla: sorry can't directly reply to ur blog. Error somehow. Thanks advicenya yaa : )

Katya T. said...

Ok, as an expert (hehehe) I can tell, it takes a lot of jumping, so after it's over you can choose the best one, 1-2-3-thing can fail sometimes ;) It also depends on what kind of outfit and shoes you're wearing. High heals are not easy to jump on, right, and require more elegant kind of jumping :)

lilylove said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by
Hmm kalo pake kamera pocket, sebaiknya loncat sedetik sebelum dipencet tombolnya
Good luck :)

PS. Utk fotoku, dipinjemin syal krey warna army

ChikitaRosemarie said...

ur welcome dear..
well i can't really say it was a camera trick..
i was just using an slr camera (nikon d40), put it on the manual mode..
play round with the speed, iso, white balance and all :)


Nindy Milkysmile said...

pake slr lebih gampang sih,
tapi kalau timingnya pas
pakai digicam atau bahkan kamera hp juga bisa

btw salam kenal :D

echi said...

salah ketik winn haha, amin win, doain yaaa, hoho :) btw, i finally take a short holiday start from tomorrow, yippie :)

thesydneygirl said...

i would like to know the answer to this too!