Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Gotta Feeling

Dearest Fergie,

No matter how hot your body is, how perfect your hair is, how lovely your bag is, it doesn't make it right to be walking with those clinging on to your lower body. The pants (shudder). The belt (mini vomit). What were you thinking???

Acid washed jeans can be cool, but there are certain boundaries that you can't push. One of them is this. And the belt..Oh the belt! The color! The material! Were you channeling your inner 1960's fashionista? I gotta feeling (pun intended), that one day you're gonna look back at the picture and share my 2 cents. Till that day, enjoy those, Chica!

I just had to flash this one more time. Ugh

Nothing to Do With Fashion at All

I had fun with my new camera!

PS excuse me for wearing my PJ/home wears in most of the pics. nothing to do with fashion at all :P