Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jump pt. 2!

As previously posted, I had really wanted to do jump poses in my photos. But never could.

Well thanks to your helpful comments, I've found the solution to this!

2 words: MULTI SHOTS.

The downside is that I was using my lousy phone camera, so the pix aren't of good quality. I really miss using my real camera : (

Here I jumppppp!

I have zero photo editing skill hehehe : )

Thanks a bunch, sweets, I feel like a bird now.


thesydneygirl said...

oh yayyy!!!!!! i want to do a jumping photo!!!!!! you've inspired me :P

thesydneygirl said...

haha i will do it!!!!!!!!! do u have twitter? :D

Polished Sense said...

Love the creativity behind this photo shoot. It's perfect. Loving the plaid :P


F i K a said... to do the jumping shot?I never do it good :(..
your jump shot is great *forget about the pixel thing of course :p*..hehehe

F i K a said...

makasii win..I'll try it soon :D..

iya niy,,pgnnya nyelesaiin les jait berdasarkan pengalaman yg udah2,jdwl lulusnya itu mundur dr jdwl..jd takutnya desember atau malah januari baru lulus,,whaaa bisa ga kerja2 ntar..hihi..makanya msh dilema bgt euy..hohoho

Vina Sagita said...

i always wanna take jump photo but i never try jump in front of my camera. lol. i want the jump photo outdoor but i'm too shy, i can't stand people staring at me because i do jump jump jump. lol

La Couturier said...

This is too cute ! (:

La C.

michellehendra said...

fun photos, huh? :)


michellehendra said...

bukannn sih sayang :) it's not a job interview.. well, i made an appointment with the promotion head, i wanted to feature the store in my blog, so i have to ask for permission, and i had prepared some questions those were answered by Ms. Vania Wibisono :) i'm interviewing her, it's not me being interviewed :)
kurang lebih gitu.. LOL

ONiC said...

nice jumping pictures. my phone wont ever able doing that. it might just take pic where im landing already. or just about to jump. lame phone of mine.

anyway, sure dear. i would love to exchange link with you. in fact i added your link just second ago.

Lilee said...

awesome photos!

Claradevi said...

Your blog is awesome. I love the design and everything, just crazy beautiful <3

Astrid said...

helloooo :) very cute blog hehe mind to exchange links?

lilylove said...



Amanda K said...

How fun!

Velo said...

hahaha good job, saiang na kamera na gak gitu jelas. hehe... =D
tapi jerih payahmoe membuahkan hasil nak! > <

Zoe said...

lovely fun photos!

check out my new blog-

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've always wanted to do a jumping photo. I think the best place is on a trampoline - instant bounce! :)

atha said...

like a bird :D